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Hello Everyone,

My name is Gordon Orcutt, Owner/Technician of GO Mobile RV.

I have been a technician by trade for almost 30 years now. I have been involved in the farming, automotive, heavy equipment, diesel, mill wright, general building and grounds maintenance industries, just to mention a few, all my life. I have held many classification's

from apprentice in the early years to most recent service department manager and everything in between. I have gained and maintained very extensive knowledge over the years, for the trades I've worked.

 I started working on RV's for my family and friends about 15 years ago as a hobby, you know just being a good guy to help someone out, Well the word gets around then before you know it their friends are asking you to work on their RV, then their friends also. After a few years I kept getting told I need to go in the business for myself. Well this went on for years and I just ignored them. Then a couple years ago, as my wife and I were sitting in our RV at the lake we had the idea for GO Mobile RV. The name was her Idea, go figure. Most people just do not have the time or resources or for what other reason they may have not to take their RV to the dealer to get serviced, so why not bring the service to the RV.  Well as we all know this is not a new concept by any means, So we set out on our adventure and started the unknown long drawn out process. So by the Grace of God and after many sleepless nights and a lot of dead ends we finally were able to make it happen

 We would not be here today if it was not for the wonderful support, never ending encouragement, and never ending help from my beautiful, loving wife and also from our family and close friends whom also have played a huge part in this.

To them I can not say it enough, Thank you for everything you have done in the past, present and the future. Thank you for believing in us. God Bless You.